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Is every member of your team as confident and focused as possible?

Is your team fully exploiting each member’s individual talents?

Is your team working together as effectively as you’d like?

Teams are more than sums of their parts. Whether the team operates out of an arena or corporate setting, the same need exists for cohesion and unity. Coaches and corporate leaders are increasingly recognizing the application of the mental aspects of sport to high pressure and competitive corporate environments.

If your organization is interested in optimizing the performance of individuals and teams - and in today’s climate of doing more with less, who isn’t?  Alan delivers one-on-one and group sessions that will empower and improve productivity.

The deeper we went into the competition, the more we saw how the competitive pressures began to affect some really good teams. Our team, on the other hand, became stronger and stronger, primarily because of the preparation exercises Alan had guided us through. The team realized how their mental preparation was paying off, and it showed in their confidence and strut. In the end, results spoke for themselves as the boys won the Silver Medal in the U-18 tournament and followed that with the Gold Medal at the Ontario Winter Games a few months later. It’s hard to convince teenage boys to buy into mental preparation, however the work that Alan did with our team has had lasting results, not just in sport, but in the strong character of these young men now.