What if you could play your best golf game, more often?

..a simple, easy to follow text that will become your own roadmap for golfing success... Dr. Alan L. Edmunds has demonstrated scientifically that with persistent and committed practice, anyone can improve their mental and physical game!

Dr. Robert K. Winters, Author of Mistake-Free Golf: First Aid for Your Golfing Brain

Dr. Edmunds' Auto Focus approach is a brilliant and easy system to follow that allows all golfers to realize their true potential. As a coach, I see so many golfers fall short of their potential due to a lack of focus. Unlike in other golf books, Dr. Edmunds clearly identifies why we lose focus and provides clear and concise steps on how to build a strong mental focus…If you are a recreational golfer or an elite player who wants to get better, this is a must read.

Gareth Raflewski, PGA Putting & Short Game Coach

After spending years on the links as a player, club-fitter, caddie, university coach, researcher, psychologist, golf educator and the father of an elite golfer, Dr. Alan L. Edmunds was puzzled by the fact that so many talented and highly skilled players succeeded during some rounds, and completely lost focus in others. What’s more, these golfers were unable to explain what they were doing when they played well . . . or when they played poorly! In other words, their success was seemingly random, which made it very difficult to improve.

Setting out to solve the mystery of the inconsistent golf game, Dr. Edmunds discovered a time and place in every golfer's game that allowed doubt and distraction to creep in. In response, he designed a technique he calls “Auto Focus” to support golfers - and other athletes - who need to optimize their focus in order to improve their performance. Empirical research with mid-level handicappers, as well as ongoing use by professional golfers and amateurs has proven that Auto Focus works for golfers at any level.

Simple and easy-to-follow, Golf on Auto Focus, gives you a blueprint for enhancing your pre-shot routine. While there are no miracle cures or shortcuts to golf success, this book will show you how to focus appropriately on the right things at the right time. More importantly, you will learn to stop thinking and to become intensely focused automatically.

Auto Focus will help golfers of all levels better their game. What’s more, the techniques described in the book can help anyone improve focus, confidence, and control over emotion while under pressure—in a sports arena or in a boardroom.

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Dr. Alan L. Edmunds focuses on the development and delivery of effective Mental Toughness Coaching. He is an educator, writer, and well-respected sports psychologist who works with elite athletes of all ages and sports. Golf isn’t Alan’s only sport—not by a long shot—but it’s still one of his best-loved. Learn more at mentaltoughnesscoaching.com