It has become accepted - if not expected - that elite athletes will pursue sport psychology training. The level of competition and pressure in the competitive sports world today means athletes need to become mentally tough, and the earlier they start this work, the better.

Talented, dedicated athletes typically come to Alan with excellent technical skills in their sport. They’ve had some success, and are usually in the top 10-15% in their field. But often, something is preventing them from reaching their full potential. Alan’s role is to assess what’s holding them back, and train them to be psychologically better at what they do. Working closely with clients, Alan helps them develop strategies to overcome their challenges and achieve their ambitions. His techniques are designed specifically to help elite athletes hone their ability to remain calm and focused during competition. He encourages athletes to see their sport skills as their potential and mental toughness as the catalyst to achieve that potential.

But it’s not just about mental skills training. Alan believes in taking care of the whole person. He sees a sports psychologist as a key component of an athlete’s overall team, which usually comprises technical coaches, parents, physiotherapists, nutrition experts, and fitness advisors. His chief goal is to help athletes become happier while engaging in their demanding sport.

Practical and pragmatic, Alan’s approach is grounded and accessible. Always supportive and empathetic, he is also brutally honest. He holds clients accountable to the goals they set themselves, and is truly delighted when they achieve them.

A popular and entertaining speaker, Alan also shares his approach to improving mental performance in seminars geared to coaches and business professionals.