Parent Seminars

Do you wonder if you’re providing the best possible support to the young athlete in your family?

Is your child as confident, assured, and mentally tough as he or she needs to be to flourish in sport—and in life?

Do you know how and when to have the right conversations that will keep your child—and your family—balanced and happy despite the heavy demands of competitive sport?

All parents want to do the best for their children. Parents of talented athletes usually go above and beyond by investing significant time, energy, and funds to allow their child to compete at elite levels. But even with excellent technical coaching, many families struggle to help their young athlete navigate the high stress competitive sports world.

With decades of experience as an educator, sports coach, and psychologist, Alan has seen young people fail to live up to their potential because their families didn’t know how best to support them in the often-harsh world of elite sports. He has seen young athletes become angry or despondent, lose the love of their sport, and give up. He has seen parents become overwhelmed by the pressures on their child and family, and pull the child out of his/her sport. Needless to say, these decisions have far-reaching implications for the athlete.

Alan truly understands how parents of elite youth athletes feel . . . because he’s been there. As the father of a former elite golfer, he knows that effective strategies for supporting youth athletes aren’t necessarily intuitive. He learned what works and what doesn’t while on the frontlines, and in the stands. With research, he developed and refined strategies that enable families to support their young athletes to step into the sports arena fully prepared, and to emerge stronger than ever - win or lose!

His new information seminars for the parents of young athletes answer these questions:

• What is mental toughness?

• Where does sport confidence come from?

• What is a proper sport attitude?

• How are these mental abilities encouraged or eroded?

• What are the pressures elite athletes feel when in a competitive environment, whether training, practicing, or competing?

• How might young athletes react in certain situations and why?

• What can parents do and avoid doing to help their children in these circumstances?

• What’s an ideal parent philosophy?

These seminars will enable parents to build a solid foundation for their family resulting in happier children in sport and in life, as well as a more cohesive family.

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Alan came to us years ago at a time when our daughter was stuck in a pattern that was preventing her from reaching the podium. She possessed athletic ability, focus and determination yet her mental game was holding her back from reaching her potential…Today our daughter is successfully competing in the NCAA in the USA.