The pressure on elite athletes has never been greater. Today, athletes must not only demonstrate excellent physical and technical skills, but also a tough mental game. The ability to be calm and focused on demand gives them a powerful competitive edge.

Dr. Alan Edmunds, a sports psychologist with extensive experience, teaches athletes and other high performers to become mentally tough. He uses proven tools and strategies to foster the attitudes, beliefs, motivations, and preparations that allow youth and adults to execute high-level technical and tactical skills under pressure.

As a former competitive athlete, lifelong sports enthusiast, and parent of an elite athlete, Alan can relate to the challenges facing any client in any sport. As an educator and coach, he has developed a special rapport with young people. His clients range from top end juniors and university athletes to professionals and amateurs, all of whom compete at various levels local – provincial, national, international and/or the Olympics. His deep understanding of the family’s key role in supporting youth athletes led to his creation of parent seminars to be launched in early 2016.

With Alan’s help, we were reassured that our children felt prepared psychologically before, during and after an event . . . What they have learned about themselves and strategies around mental toughness, focus and confidence can be carried over into non-athletic aspects of life as well.

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Puzzled and frustrated by your inconsistent golf game? Wonder no more! In his new book, Golf on Auto Focus: Training Your Brain to Better Your Game, Alan Edmunds, Ph.D., gets to the bottom of why even professional golfers have “off” days, and shares the innovative approach he developed and tested scientifically to help golfers and other athletes to optimize their focus and thereby improve performance.

Simple and easy-to-follow, Golf on Auto Focus, gives you a blueprint for enhancing your pre-shot routine. Learn how to focus appropriately on the right things at the right time, and when to stop thinking and become intensely focused automatically. If you want to play your best golf more often, this book is for you. What’s more, the techniques Alan describes can help anyone improve focus, confidence, and control over emotion while under pressure—in a sports arena or in a boardroom.

a simple, easy to follow text that will become your own roadmap for golfing success… Dr. Alan L. Edmunds has demonstrated scientifically that with persistent and committed practice, anyone can improve their mental and physical game!

Dr. Robert K. Winters

Author of Mistake-Free Golf: First Aid for Your Golfing Brain


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